Information about test

Information about test

Successful passage of this test is a prerequisite for admission to the Law , Natural Science , Economics and Administrative , philosophical, pedagogical faculties and the Faculty of Informatics Masaryk University .

The tests are conducted in the period from 9 to 11 May, when applying for admission applicants are able to choose the date of writing test ( 9 , 10, 11 May)

If an applicant submits an application for several specialties , the test is written only once and the results will be counted for all applications submitted .

Description of the Test educational abilities (form and content of the exam)

The test checks the ability of the entrant to successfully study at Masaryk University. Consists of 70 questions divided into 8 blocks , and 8 each question . Of the five options proposed faithful always only one . For each correct answer entrant gets one point for each wrong answer -0.25 points. Tasks test verifies whether verbal , symbolic , analytical , and critical thinking numerological , spatial orientation , reasoning and knowledge of the field of culture . Test duration of 90 minutes.

Evaluation of test results

Completed forms will be processed anonymously tests ( assigning each formulary identification number ) by using computer technology. Criterion for successful writing test is the " percentage" , which will be calculated based on the number of correct answers and the version number of the test. Thus the entrant can gain a maximum of 100 per cent , the lowest one . Percentage shows how many students showed worse or the same result.

Now you have a great opportunity to get acquainted with the content of the basic test Masaryk University and test your skills with a key to the test !

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