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Higher education in Czech

Get education in best state or private Universities. Complex preparation for students.

Higher education in English

In contrast to the teaching in the Czech language, English-language training in Czech universities is carried out on a fee basis from 1 200 €

Czech Language courses

In cooperation with state universities, we offer summer, half-year and 1-year courses of Czech language.
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Price from: 7 222 €


Price from: 3 000 €


Price from: 2 100 €

Economics & management

Price from: 1 500 €

Regional development

Price from: 2 000 €


Price from: 3 000 €

Veterinary medicine

Price from: 7 600 €


Price from: 6 700 €


Price from: 5 200 €


Price from: 2 000 €


Price from: 8 150 €

Transportation Sciences

Price from: 4 100 €


Price from: 3 000 €


Price from: 1 670 €
Interview with Hang Thuy Luong20.06.2016 Interview with Hang Thuy LuongHang Thuy Luong came to study to the Czech Republic from Vietnam and became a student of Mendel University, Faculty of Economics and Business, Tourism management.
Study in Czech Republic in English02.11.2015 Study in Czech Republic in EnglishFor those who want to pursue higher education in the Czech Republic, but do not want to learn Czech, we offer a number of English majors.
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