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1. What are required to pass examinations for admission to the state university?
Entrance examinations in public universities, in most cases, are the written test, which can be verified knowledge in several special subjects (eg, when applying for a specialty such as computer science, mathematics, physics, biology, economics) or general educational skills - memory, logic, perception of numbers, abstract thinking (when entering the humanities).

2. What are the average costs per month to live in Brno?
If you stay in a hostel, on average, the amount is 260 - 320 € per month, including public transportation and meals. If a student chooses to stay in a rented apartment, mentioned sum is increased by 100-200 €.

3. Is there a possibility to work while studying?
Staying in the Czech Republic on a student visa entitles you to work.

4. How long I have to learn language in order to enter state university?
For admission and most importantly, successful learning in the state university you will need a rather high level of knowledge of the Czech language, which is achieved, generally not less than in one year of intensive training.

5. How is payment made?
According to the agreement of the provision of services, part of the payment of the amount stated in the contract, is paid as an advance payment before sending a package of documents for registration of the annual student visa, the remaining amount can be paid on arrival to the Czech Republic.

For more information about payment, You can find in the contract in the client area of the site. You will recieve access to the client part after completing the questionnaire.

6. Is it possible to transfer from a private university to the state?
Yes, but only on two conditions:
1) The maximum matching of specialties, that is controlled by comparing the curricula
2) Finishing up the first year of private university without academic debts
Is it necessary to note that the cases of transition from a private university to the state are not frequent.

7. What is included in the Annual program of training courses?
The cost of the " Annual training course " includes assistance in opening the annual Czech student visa appointment on arrival , tour of the city , providing a place in a hostel for the first year of stay in the Czech Republic , adaptation program , police registration for foreign citizens arrival , annual intensive Czech language course (560 hours) , a preparatory course for the selected faculty, information and consulting support , nostrification school diploma , clock emergency assistance , assistance in applying the selected university, work with the insurance company . That is, almost everything except food and boarding fees .

8.Are there any preparation courses for admission to the magistracy?
Annual program of training courses is designed primarily for those who wish to enter the Bachelor’s program, however, in some cases, can also be used to prepare for entry to magistracy. This is due to, mainly the specifics of some of the master’s specialties and the inconsistency of their preparatory course.

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