Brno University of Technology

Brno University of Technology

University type: state

Modern days

In 2006, Brno University of Technology entered the international rating TOP 500 best universities in the world, which publishes each fall in the annex (The Times Higher Education Supplement) British newspaper The Times.

Технический университет Брно

University includes 8 faculties:

Education at the Technical University in Brno held for bachelor (3-4 years) , Master (2-5 years) and doctoral (3-5 years) training programs for stationary , correspondence or distance learning .

Faculty also offers business education program for international MBA (Master of Business Administration), some departments have been accredited by the European Federation of Engineering Associations folk FEANI.

Entrance examinations are held in the form of a test designed to test knowledge of relevant technical discipline.

Part of the entrance examination at the Faculty of Architecture and the Faculty of Fine Arts is to test creative abilities entrant.

With excellent grades in the certificate of admission to some faculties possible without entrance examinations.

Learning process up lectures, seminars, projects , exercises , consultations, professional practice , excursions and independent work of the student. In the framework of international exchange programs part of the course you can go to one of the partner universities abroad .

Education on some special building , Faculty of Information Technology and the Faculty of Electrical and communication technologies is conducted in English .

Students have the opportunity to choose the most suitable combination of mandatory , obligatory and optional - sample items , picking up depending on personal preference.

Early ’90s was a period of intensive university for establishing contacts with foreign universities , allowing faculty members and students have the opportunity to travel to training in the best schools in Europe and the USA. Additional opportunities opened to students and through the active participation of the Technical University in student exchange programs TEMPUS, Socrates / Erasmus, Socrates / Grundtvig, Leonardo, CEEPUS and other international cooperation projects .


Brno University of Technology is the oldest institution of higher education of the city. Its history began in 1849, when it was founded by a German -Czech Technical School .

Inauguration of the Czech Technical Institute was founded on the basis of the school was held in November 1899 . Academic staff of five people began training the first group of students majoring in construction engineering. In 1900 marked the opening of several new disciplines - engineering , land reclamation, construction of water , electrical engineering and chemical engineering. After World War I began to actively develop the architectural profession.

Became a turning point during World War II, when the institution was closed. In 1945, the Institute has been restored to pre-war form and continued their activities. In 1956 the Institute was renamed the Technical University in Brno. Crucial to the survival of the University was the year 1989 when there was a significant transformation of existing and establishment of new faculties. In 1992 opened Faculty of Business and Department of Chemistry, 1993 Faculty of Fine Arts, in 2000 - Faculty of Information Technology.



Summer camp
60 hours

City: Brno

3 weeks , 4 hours / day.
+ дневная программа


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Price: 1 489 €




Faculty of Civil Engineering

Faculty of Machine Engineering

Faculty of Electrical and Communication Technologies

Faculty of Information Technology

Faculty of Architecture

Faculty of Fine Arts

Faculty of entrepreneurship

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 Faculty of Chemistry

Education for all specialties of the university’s free!

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