Preparation for university entrance

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Preparation for university entrance
What is waiting for you?

High-quality Czech language courses, best Czech Universities, all-round help, a lot of new friends from whole CIS, freedom of travel in Shengen area, european education.

How to become a student in Czech Republic?

Having studied the needs of the non czech-speaking students in the Czech Republic we have formed educational programs that can satisfy a variety of expectations. You only need to choose whether you want to study in state(free in czech language) or private(paid) University and contact us!

1-year programe of training for state University

Best selling program in 2015!

This program is for clients, who want to enter free form of education into state Czech University.

Program includes complex student’s training, Czech language courses and preparation for entry to state and private Universities

Program includes:

  • 1-year courses of Czech language (september 2017 – july 2018) 850 or 560 hour;
  • focused trainig program for entry to chosen University (february 2017 – april 2017);
  • diploma/certificate recognition;
  • assistance in choosing of University and submiting of aplications to choosen universities.

If you are following all our advices, it is possible to enter such popular specialities as international relationships, law, economy.

You can see all possible specialities"here”.

Dates of start of language courses as a part of a state University entry program: 08.09.2017, 01.10.2017, 01.11.2017

All courses are held in state unviversities - Technical or Mendlov University in Brno.

Price with 850 hours: 4 627 €
Price with 560 hours: 3 507 €


Full list of given services in this program...




Preparation for entry to private University

Czech private Universities offer such popular and perspective specialities:

  • economy and management;
  • entrepreneurial economy;
  • creation and control of small and medium business;
  • crysis managment;
  • economy and law in business;
  • managment of interanational organisations and state administration;
  • tourism managment.

The training program includes a 120-hour course of the Czech language on arrival + 80 hours of Czech online. Course of Czech in the Czech Republic takes place from 01.09.2017 to 17.12.2017 in the evening (while studying in a private university).

Tuition fees at the university depends on the school, ranging from 1,100 to 2,100 euros per year and is not included in the cost of services of EuroEducation. More detailed information about c information on the cost of training and specialties you can section “Universities”.

As a rule, admission to a private university on the basis of the interview. We guarantee delivery of any private university in Brno !.

Date of start of the courses: 01.08.2017.

The cost of training in a private university: 1 940 €


Why you should choose us?

How to get a program?

1. Fill in an application formquestionnaire and get access to Your account.

2. Make a deposit for reservation in group and hostel.

3. Apply for a visa.

4. Come and we will meet you!

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