Student minimum

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Student minimum

This program is for those, who already know Czech or English language and want to enter University immidiately.

How it will be?

  1. While still in his hometown you can with our help, to submit their applications in those colleges to which you want to do.
  2. We will provide for you nostrification documents.
  3. Meet and act on your nostrifikatsion exams.
  4. Meet and explain you on the entrance exams.
  5. If you do not go to college, we will find you another option for you.
  6. On the basis of power of attorney you write on the university that you did (it is a prerequisite for undergraduate)
  7. Upon receipt of reserve hostel and help with the collection of documents for the visa.
  8. Meet and take you to the hostel on arrival in the Czech Republic.
  9. Provide adaptation program on arrival:
    • A walking tour of the city;
    • purchase tickets for public transport;
    • connection to the mobile operator, background information on tariffs.
  10. Will throughout the first year of study at the university provide you with comprehensive support:
    • when there are problems with the university, we will help you solve them quickly;
    • Support in case of emergency 24/7;
    • if necessary, organize your legal counsel. Lawyer paid for by yourself;
    • in cases not requiring intervention lawyer, you will receive full support from the company’s employees, our support for you is free of charge;
    • if necessary, we will arrange medical assistance as soon as possible. Having health insurance is compulsory;
    • translation from Russian into Czech at the doctor;
    • recommendations of doctors in various fields;
    • organization of transportation to the hospital;
    • work with the insurance company of the client;
    • advice on all aspects of life in the Czech Republic;
    • assistance in the development of the information system of your university.

Duration, price and dates of the program.

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