Masaryk University Brno

Masaryk University Brno

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For today Masaryk University is the second largest public university of the Czech Republic. Consists of nine faculties, includes more than 200 departments, institutes and clinics. University is known as an outstanding center of culture and education with long democratic traditions, not only in the Czech Republic, but also far beyond its borders.

Take a look at a video about second best Czech unversity, Masarykov University.

Masaryk University provides training on a wide range of traditional and innovative specialties and is the fastest growing institution of higher education in Europe. University became one of the first schools where a three-tier model of education have been instaled which was based on a system of credits ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System).

The University is actively involved in a number of scientific and research projects of the European Union and cooperates with the best universities around the world, so students have the opportunity to take overseas internships to study different specialities.

For today, the university enrolled 33,389 students. Since 1922, university graduates became 95377 students.

In September 2010,New University Campus was opened, that after 6 years of construction site is the largest construction Project in Education in Central Europe.

On the territory of 42 hectares new modern educational and research centers for 5000 students and nearly a thousand teachers has grown. Construction site of campus required more than 200 million Euros.

Education in all specialties in the university in the Czech language is free!


Masaryk University was founded in January 1919 . University base preceded by many years of efforts emancipated part of Czech society aimed at creation of a second after Charles University center of popular culture and education. At the head of this process was Tomas Garrigue Masaryk , who since the 80 -ies years of XIX century focused on the necessity of the widest possible competition in the academic life and warned that at the time the only Czech university for its development needs competitor within state. Efforts on the basis of the second Czech university for many years have become one of the priorities of the political activities of TG Masaryk .

Law dated January 28, 1919 a new Czech university in Brno was founded, consisting of four departments - legal, medical, Natural History and Philosophy, which from its inception was named TG Masaryk. The mission of the university was, in the words of commemorative certificate in 1919, "to live, grow and develop in a noble rivalry with his older brother Prague."

Since the opening of Masaryk University is fully justified hopes rested upon it. Because of the strong professors and good material support university won uncommon position in the scientific, cultural and social life of the state.

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