How it will be

Educational Programs
How it will be
The company’s services are provided on complex, depending on the selected program and are clearly stated in the contract.

When one of the training programs for entry into Czech university, we supervise the entrant from the stage of acquaintance with learning opportunities in the Czech Republic before entering the selected university.

First steps

Before cooperating with us you will get full information about:
  • Terms of the contract with the EuroEducation company
  • Opportunities, rights and responsibilities of students in the Czech Republic
  • Conditions and the cost of living in the Czech Republic
  • Education, professions, universities and options Incoming
  • VISA information

Following step include:

Assistance in the preparation of documents required for admission to study
Filling out the required forms in the Czech language for submission to the higher education institution
Filing Czech university. Doing the necessary correspondence and negotiations with a university
Assistance in the preparation of documents for obtaining a visa.

Upon arrival in the Czech Republic tested applicants adaptation program, which includes:

Meeting entrant at any time at the train station or airport Brno. Pick up and transfer from other cities (Prague, Vienna, Bratislava, Olomouc) charged separately.
A walking tour of the city, customer orientation in the city, shopping malls, etc.
Currency Exchange, exchange traveler’s checks for cash
Purchase of tickets for public transport
Сlient connection to the mobile operator, background information on tariffs
Opening kroon and foreign currency accounts in the chosen Czech banks.

Police registration for foreign nationals in the Czech Republic

Working with a university, you have chosen.

Applying to the chosen university
Help with entrance exams or arrange delivery without examinations in selected private universities
We provide comprehensive assistance in communicating with the university, the department and the student teachers
If you have any problems with the university, we will help you solve them quickly.

When you need to protect your rights, we will promptly provide you with legal support

Clock support in case of emergency
If necessary, the employee society organizes your counsel. Lawyer you will pay for themselves
In cases not requiring intervention lawyer, you will receive full support from the company’s employees. For you, our support is free.

If necessary, we will arrange medical assistance as soon as possible. Presence at the client health insurance mandatory

Clock support in case of emergency
Translation from Russian into Czech at the doctor
Recommendations of doctors in various fields
Organization of transportation to hospital
Working with the insurance company client.

During the first year all advisory and other support is free

We will advise you on any aspect of life in the Czech Republic, help you solve any of your problems every working day
In case of any problems, immediately contact our staff
We conduct regular meetings with clients to identify potential problems before they occur.

After year of training in a private university, we provide assistance in entering the State University (optional):

You will get full information about state Universities
We help you to get the necessary application, send them to the university and to communicate with the host university.

By signing a contract with EuroEducation, you can always count on guaranteed performance conditions on our part and predictable outcome, with minimal effort on your part.

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Update: 11.11.2023

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